Financing a Cornish Hotel

commercial mortgages
Fiduciam provided Hustyns Resort in Cornwall with a £1.2 million loan to invest in the hotel, including a restaurant refurbishment and glamping offering.  These additions helped further diversify the resort’s offering, as well as maximise income during the peak summer months.  The principal is an experienced hotelier and has operated a series of hotels in both the United Kingdom and the United States.  The two-year bridging loan allowed time for accounts to be established before the borrower refinanced onto a term product with a commercial lender.  Ravi Gupta of Hustyns Resort commented: “The loan from Fiduciam means that we can not only weather this latest lockdown, but we can make the investments we want into our resort and know that our business’s future is secure.”

Turn-around commercial mortgages for a care home group

development finance

A specialist provider of dementia care had run into problems with its bank after an expansion of its business did not go to plan.  A newly opened care home had been graded as “inadequate” by the Care Quality Commission, which had prompted the bank to call in its loan facilities.  Fiduciam and the care home group worked closely together on a relay facility, allowing the care home group to repay its bank whilst executing a corporate restructuring that would enable it to tap into bank finance once again.  This restructuring plan had to be delivered around the needs of the nursing home patients.  Fiduciam was actively involved in the restructuring, which was completed successfully. The care home group refinanced with a high street bank one year later.

Commercial mortgages for well-established London landlord

development finance

An important and family-owned landlord, focused on affordable property for key-workers in London, uses Fiduciam to finance new property acquisitions and portfolio reallocations. As with other property investors he uses a mix of traditional bank loans and buy-to-let loans complimented by Fiduciam’s commercial mortgages. When acquiring new property, the high-street banks usually cannot meet time deadlines or simply wish to hold off until a rental track record has been established. Fiduciam is a constant provider of funding on new acquisitions for this successful landlord as he continues to build out his portfolio.

How exclusive seafront property assists in financing Bladon Jets

development finance
Bladon Jets is a Coventry-based company pioneer and manufacturer of world-leading micro turbines – small, light and clean-burning engines. Although originally intended as range extenders for electric cars, they have now been adapted to replace the diesel engines that power telecom mast towers. A private venture capital investor decided to participate in a Bladon Jets capital raise and instead of disposing of other assets, he chose to obtain a bridging loan secured on an exclusive Sussex seafront property. This loan gave the investor the flexibility to inject capital into Bladon jets whilst waiting for divestment proceeds to materialize.

Close cooperation with a family-run development and construction firm

private lender
Unlike large housebuilders, smaller housebuilders often find it challenging to obtain development finance.  Fiduciam funds many of these smaller firms.  One of the firms that has developed a strong working relationship with Fiduciam is run by a husband-and-wife team based in East London.  Their testimonial: “We got to know Fiduciam when our bank was dragging its feet over a new acquisition, for no apparent reason, and we decided to diversify funding sources.  Since then, we have been doing all our projects with Fiduciam as they have proven to be efficient and understand the construction trade; also allowing us to extract equity without any red tape when we need it for the next project.”