Fiduciam provided a major credit facility to TVR Automotive for its new production facility in South Wales, a project representing £30 million of capital expenditure and involving the Welsh government.

What we offer

Fiduciam grants Business Bridge Loans to entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises to provide them with working capital or to finance their expansion plans; Standard Rental Loans to landlords who wish to extend their real estate portfolio and Permitted Development Loans to contractors and developers for straightforward construction projects. All loans are secured on property, other real assets and receivables.

Transparent terms

We understand entrepreneurs and finance directors want to know the pricing parameters before they start a loan application. They do not want to be subjected to an auction process on a peer-to-peer platform to discover what the interest rate may be. Nor do they want to be at the mercy of a bridging lender “negotiating” rates just before drawdown. Our loan pricing matrix is pre-defined and is determined by the security offered and the purpose on the loan. Before you start a loan application with us, you know our terms.

Fast approval and execution

We like to keep it simple and straightforward. As a principal lender, we do not need to run to a lengthy auction process. We avoid the unnecessary complexity and slow authorisation processes of traditional banks. Instead we have established a state-of-the-art origination process tying in all relevant partners such as surveyors and solicitors. As long as you provide the required information, we will go out of our way to meet your deadlines.

A trusted partner

The people behind our business are recognised for their outstanding reputation. Our people will go the extra mile to deliver the required finance in time, even if this means working over the weekend or during evenings. We believe word-of-mouth is the best form of publicity and therefore you do not see us advertising. The trust we have built up in the broker community is what brings us the business.

Relationship instead of internet

We source all our deals through intermediaries such as credit brokers, accountants, financial advisors, etc. The reason is simple. We want to work with partners who have known their clients for a long time, rather than facing the anonymity of the internet. This allows us to have a higher quality loan book, which in turn permits us to charge lower interest rates.

A sustainable funding model

We do not rely on opportunistic external funding which may disappear as soon as the first economic headwinds appear. Our funding comes from professional investors with a long-term commitment. Our directors have a long track record in establishing and operating successful businesses, which allows them to attract the right funding partners. Indeed, it is important our funding partners share our philosophy of organic and sustainable growth of our loan book.

A highly efficient process

We continuously strive for a hassle-free process by making the maximum use of existing third-party and our own purpose-built technology platforms. We operate a state-of-the-art origination infrastructure coupled with a new bank software platform used by many challenger banks. We strive to set a new benchmark for secured loan origination and servicing costs.

Who we are

We are a pension-fund owned lender to entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises.  With our flexible, efficient and competitive approach to lending we help small businesses grow and prosper.  We lend against receivables, property and different other types of real assets.  By taking advantage of new technology we make secured credit more flexible, accessible and efficient for a wide range of businesses.


Loans Funded


  • Case study

    Trees grow on money

    In June 2018, Fiduciam granted a €1.3 million, three-year commercial loan to Hatton Farm in the Republic of Ireland.  Hatton Farm, which operates under Hatton Produce Ltd, is one of Ireland’s leading potato producers and is renowned for the high quality of its potatoes.  Like many other Irish farms, Hatton Farm was really let down badly by the traditional banks in the aftermath of the financial crisis.  Marina Hatton commented: “Fiduciam believed in us when the big banks were simply there anymore. This farm has been in our family for three generations and it’s thanks to the loan that we got from Fiduciam that we can grow our business and secure our children’s future.”  As a thank you for the loan, Hatton Farm offered Fiduciam one of its home-grown Christmas trees for their office. As a bit of fun, Fiduciam sent two of its BDMs to chop down the tree and carry it home, and filmed the whole lot.

  • Case study

    Close cooperation with a family-run development and construction firm

    Unlike large homebuilders, smaller development and construction firms often find it challenging to obtain finance. Fiduciam funds many of these smaller firms, particularly those focused on the development of traditional housing stock for middle-class incomes.  One of those firms, run by a husband and wife team, with East London as their focus area, has developed a strong track record and relationship with Fiduciam.  Their testimonial:  “We got to know Fiduciam when our bank was dragging its feet over a new acquisition, for no apparent reason, and we decided we needed to diversify funding sources.  Since then we have been doing all our projects with Fiduciam as they have proven to be efficient and to understand the construction trade; also allowing us to extract equity without any red tape when we need it to roll over into the next project.”

  • Case study

    How exclusive seafront property assists in financing Bladon Jets

    Bladon Jets is a Coventry-based company pioneering and shortly to manufacture world-leading micro turbines – small, light and clean-burning engines. Though originally intended to develop these as range extenders for future electric Jaguar and Land Rover cars, they have been adapted to replace diesel engines in powering the telecom mast towers, as primary or secondary charger units. A City financier and venture capitalist decided to invest in Bladon Jets and instead of disposing of other assets, he chose to obtain a Business Bridge Loan secured on exclusive Sussex seafront property. This approach leaves the investor the flexibility to finance his new capital injection into Bladon Jets either through future business income and capital returns, or by rearranging his portfolio investments. Read about it: The Telegraph

  • Case study

    Funding of well-established London landlord

    An important and family-owned landlord, focused on affordable property for key-workers in London, uses Fiduciam to finance new property acquisitions and portfolio reallocations.  As with other property investors he uses a mix of traditional commercial bank loans and buy-to-let loans, complimented by Fiduciam’s Standard Rental Loans.  When acquiring new property, the high-street banks usually cannot meet time deadlines or simply wish to hold off until a rental track record has been established.  Fiduciam is a constant provider of funding on new acquisitions for this successful landlord as he continues to build out his portfolio.

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