Ten new hires during the Summer

Fiduciam accelerates its rapid expansion by hiring ten new employees during the Summer.  This follows on entering two new markets this year: Germany and Scotland.  Fiduciam announces it is right on track to meet its strategic objectives for 2019.

Fiduciam expands into Scotland

Fiduciam has expanded into Scotland and has now completed its first transaction north of the border.  A specific set of lender requirements and solicitors’ instructions was created for the Scottish market – including the creation of a ‘Scots law’ facility template and security documentation set. Given this, Fiduciam is now fully equipped to cater for the Scottish market based on local customs and aims to be the first port of call for any broker with a transaction to place in Scotland.

Fiduciam’s training programme sets benchmark in the bridging loan industry

The opportunities within our industry are myriad, the trick is to attract the right people and then to make sure they are nurtured and given the chance to achieve their own goals, whilst also achieving your company goals.

Henry Ford, Founder of the Ford Motor Company, said “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay”.

At Fiduciam we want our employees to stay for all the right reasons. When recruiting, whether it’s a graduate, an intern, or someone with years of experience, the most important thing is to ensure the people you employ have the right attitude and fit your business. 

With the right attitude you have the foundations for someone to build a career, rather than just turn up for work.

For career progression to be valid you need to provide explicit support to allow your staff to thrive and develop.   You can then uncover potential and assist your employees to progress to more senior roles.

Structured training is therefore vital.  Here at Fiduciam, for instance, we have a training and development programme that is designed with career progression as the ultimate goal. However, there are other benefits including increased motivation and engagement and most importantly a reduction in staff turnover. Giving employees the tools to upskill throughout their careers also means you can reduce supervisory needs and enhance satisfaction and confidence.

The way we run our training programme is on a module basis using the talents of existing employees in every department to carry out the actual training. This not only showcases the experience of existing team members it gives them an extra sense of worth as they pass on their knowledge to new team members and help them rise through the ranks. Our multi-faceted training programme consists of 28 modules, such as cashflow analysis, real estate valuation, legal documentation, credit analysis, etc. Career progression is supported by the successful completion of relevant modules. There has been over 110 hours of training provided for Fiduciam employees over the last 9 months since the inception of the training programme.

The key thing with recruiting is that when you get the right person you never let them forget that you believed in them enough to hire them, and that you continue to believe in them throughout their career.

Clint White, director, adds “The recent EY UK Bridging Market Study has highlighted ‘access to talent’ as one of the two most important challenges for bridging lenders.  We place a huge emphasis on our training programme to not only attract new talent but, equally importantly, to cultivate and retain that talent.  By doing this we enhance our company reputation and profile as an employer invested in its staff.”