Fiduciam refinanced a Luxembourg company owning a French vineyard by providing a facility of €3 million, involving five jurisdictions: Luxembourg, France, the US, Australia and the UK

Who we are

We are a young and inspired team of nearly 50 professionals setting new standards in the loan market, making a positive difference to our clients by providing them with innovative lending solutions.


Our team comes from 15 different countries, all over the world, including Asia, Latin America, Africa, Oceania and of course Europe. We believe that bringing people together from different backgrounds – and giving them an equal right to debate and input ideas at all levels of the company – is a powerful catalyst for creativity and innovation.


Between us, our team speaks a total of 21 languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Pashto, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Cantonese, Mandarin, Indonesian, Hokkien, and Malay.  This gives us a unique ability to communicate with people from all over the world.

Equality employer

We care deeply about gender diversity, and also fully embrace racial and cultural diversity. Nearly 50% of our employees are women. To us, equality does not mean sameness; people of all gender identities bring differentiated perspectives, and this helps to create a more sustainable company. We welcome and embrace these different perspectives and the views of all people in the company, regardless of gender or race. Diversity and gender equality are integral parts of our culture.

Young and dynamic

The average age of our employees is under 30, and this creates a very stimulating environment. We are not only colleagues but also a close team outside of work.


As a rapidly growing company, we are never afraid of a challenge. We have expanded our business rapidly across Europe. We always like to add new types of product to our offering and we are not afraid of entering new markets.

Always hiring, combined with extensive training

Every year we hire several undergraduates and graduates from university who we take through our multi-faceted training programme which consists of 27 modules, such as cashflow analysis, real estate valuation, legal documentation, credit analysis, etc. All new hires assume real decision-making responsibilities from the first week they join.

Women in Finance Charter Signatory

In signing the Charter, we endorse the aspiration to achieve greater gender balance across all areas of our business. Our senior management team currently consists of 16% female staff, with an overall approximate 50/50 split between men and women across the company. By signing the charter, we have pledged to promote gender diversity by:

    • having one member of our senior executive team who is responsible and accountable for gender diversity and inclusion
    • increasing the number of women in senior management to 30% and having at least one female board member by 2021 (as of 11 November 2019 we have one female board member, ahead of schedule)
    • setting internal targets for gender diversity in our senior management and publishing our progress against these targets annually
    • ensuring the pay of the senior executive team is linked to delivery against these internal targets on gender diversity.

Experienced board of directors

The directors of our company have successfully established a number of leading finance platforms in Europe over the last 20 years, have extensive experience in lending, technology, wealth management and risk management. To learn more about them, please consult their LinkedIn pages:


If you would like to join our dynamic and rapidly growing team, and you believe you have what it takes, then please check out our vacancies on LinkedIn or send in your application to

What some of our employees say:


Johan Groothaert co-founded Fiduciam in 2014 and has been its CEO ever since

“We are very proud of our team and our culture, they are the most important assets of our company. We are an entrepreneurial, young and dynamic company, with a strong focus on delivering quality. We celebrate the creativity our diverse workforce brings us.”


Henrik Takkenberg co-founded Fiduciam in 2014 and is a senior manager and director

“We are an international company; our employees speak 21 languages, and we have been growing from our London hub by opening local offices such as in the Netherlands and Germany. This international dimension sets us apart from many other fintech companies and marketplace lenders.”


Marieke Eskens joined Fiduciam in 2017 as case manager and is now a senior underwriter and the head of case management

“Continuing to develop a culture which celebrates different perspectives and approaches goes beyond numeric objectives. Our main focus therefore is on respect and tolerance within our company.”


Yasmeen Dufils joined Fiduciam in 2018 as a case manager and now handles all its lending that is secured over French real estate

“I have enjoyed the very steep learning curve since I joined.  The ‘can do’ culture encourages us young joiners to assume as much responsibility as we can carry.  There are no glass ceilings and management likes to invest in our career progress.”


Cristina Villén did an apprenticeship with Fiduciam in 2016 and joined as originator for Spain in 2018

“It is incredibly motivating to work in a rapidly growing company.  We entered the Spanish market in early 2018 and now we have a team of eight covering this market. I love my job because of the entrepreneurial and dynamic environment; I never thought I would have so much responsibility so early on in my career.”


Carl Jabbour joined Fiduciam in 2015 and acts as its head of investor relations and COO

“It has been a very exciting ride to participate in the Fiduciam success right from the start.  We are growing rapidly, but at the same time we are cash flow positive, providing a very strong foundation for the company. This, together with the strong relationships with our institutional investors makes our company very sustainable.”
  • Case study

    Helping a popular venue to weather the Coronavirus lockdowns

    Amongst the most heavily impacted industries, by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, was the hospitality sector. Drenagh Country Estate in Northern Ireland, a specialist wedding and conference venue, faced a year with little income due to the reduced size, postponement and cancellation of many events.  Like many businesses, this left it with overheads mounting but no income. Fiduciam granted it a Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) facility to substantially lower its financing costs during that difficult period.  Fiduciam has handled over £700 million in CBILS loan requests during the pandemic and made a significant and lasting difference to many UK businesses, ranging from pubs to children nurseries, and from house-builders to manufacturers.

  • Case study

    Financing a French vineyard

    In early 2019 Fiduciam funded a Luxembourg-owned vineyard in France.  The vineyard produces a biodynamic wine, with solid distribution, including through Waitrose in the UK.  The three-year loan was structured as a multi-drawdown facility of €3m with an initial drawdown of €750,000.  Fiduciam took a charge over the vineyard, but in addition it also took security over 77,422 bottles of wine and 2,631 hectolitres of wine in barrels.  The loan was taken out by a Luxembourg company, principally owned by a high net worth individual from the United States who had purchased the vineyard several years ago and now needed to refinance some existing debt of the vineyard.  Due to the nature of the borrower’s company and the multi-national shareholders involved, the loan involved five jurisdictions: Fiduciam based in the UK, the vineyard in France, the borrower/guarantor in the US, the borrower’s company in Luxembourg and a pledgor from Australia.

  • Case study

    Financing a British developer in Mallorca

    Fiduciam provided a bridging loan to a successful British entrepreneur who has been developing luxury property in Mallorca for over two decades.  The bridging loan allowed him to extract equity out of a newly completed project whilst marketing the property to potential purchasers.  The loan proceeds allow the British developer to finance three ongoing projects in Mallorca: the construction of a hotel and seven adjoining luxury villas, the construction of several rural cottages and the development of a further four detached houses.  Although the developer has access to development finance from Spanish banks, they were unable to offer as favourable terms and as quickly as Fiduciam.

  • Case study

    Trees grow on money

    In June 2018, Fiduciam granted a €1.3 million, three-year commercial loan to Hatton Farm in the Republic of Ireland.  Hatton Farm, which operates under Hatton Produce Ltd, is one of Ireland’s leading potato producers and is renowned for the high quality of its potatoes.  Like many other Irish farms, Hatton Farm was really let down badly by the traditional banks in the aftermath of the financial crisis.  Marina Hatton commented: “Fiduciam believed in us when the big banks were simply not there anymore. This farm has been in our family for three generations and it’s thanks to the loan that we got from Fiduciam that we can grow our business and secure our children’s future.”  As a thank you for the loan, Hatton Farm offered Fiduciam one of its home-grown Christmas trees for their office. As a bit of fun, Fiduciam sent two of its BDMs to chop down the tree and carry it home, and filmed the whole lot. Please check it out here

  • Case Study

    TVR Automotive – a transformational multi-tranche facility

    Following the take-over and recapitalization of TVR by a group of successful British entrepreneurs, the development of a new high-performance car was commenced in close cooperation with Gordon Murray Design. Fiduciam provided the cornerstone of the second capitalization round, closely working together with the Welsh government and equity investors, in order to finance a new production facility in South Wales, a project representing £30 million of capital expenditure and creating 150 direct jobs and many more in the supply chain. This transaction demonstrates Fiduciam’s ability to successfully complete ambitious transactions.

  • Case study

    Close cooperation with a family-run development and construction firm

    Unlike large homebuilders, smaller development and construction firms often find it challenging to obtain finance. Fiduciam funds many of these smaller firms, particularly those focused on the development of traditional housing stock for middle-class incomes.  One of those firms, run by a husband and wife team, with East London as their focus area, has developed a strong track record and relationship with Fiduciam.  Their testimonial:  “We got to know Fiduciam when our bank was dragging its feet over a new acquisition, for no apparent reason, and we decided we needed to diversify funding sources.  Since then we have been doing all our projects with Fiduciam as they have proven to be efficient and to understand the construction trade; also allowing us to extract equity without any red tape when we need it to roll over into the next project.”

  • Case study

    How exclusive seafront property assists in financing Bladon Jets

    Bladon Jets is a Coventry-based company pioneering and shortly to manufacture world-leading micro turbines – small, light and clean-burning engines. Though originally intended to develop these as range extenders for future electric Jaguar and Land Rover cars, they have been adapted to replace diesel engines in powering the telecom mast towers, as primary or secondary charger units. A City financier and venture capitalist decided to invest in Bladon Jets and instead of disposing of other assets, he chose to obtain a Business Bridge Loan secured on exclusive Sussex seafront property. This approach leaves the investor the flexibility to finance his new capital injection into Bladon Jets either through future business income and capital returns, or by rearranging his portfolio investments. Read about it: The Telegraph

  • Case study

    Funding of well-established London landlord

    An important and family-owned landlord, focused on affordable property for key-workers in London, uses Fiduciam to finance new property acquisitions and portfolio reallocations.  As with other property investors he uses a mix of traditional commercial bank loans and buy-to-let loans, complimented by Fiduciam’s Standard Rental Loans.  When acquiring new property, the high-street banks usually cannot meet time deadlines or simply wish to hold off until a rental track record has been established.  Fiduciam is a constant provider of funding on new acquisitions for this successful landlord as he continues to build out his portfolio.

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