Fiduciam continues to support house builders with development loans despite Covid-19

Fiduciam has just closed two development loans, with a total value of £2.5million, with one using its ‘Stepping Stone’ scheme. The two loans will provide funding for private developments in south London and on the south east coast. Fiduciam is standing by our house builders, providing them with development loan facilities in these challenging times.

Fiduciam completes two loans in Spain despite state of emergency

The state of emergency is not stopping Fiduciam from lending in Spain.We are standing behind all Spanish entrepreneurs and SMEs in this difficult time, and have completed two loans this week totaling almost €2,5M. Both deals were halted as a result of the coronavirus crisis and had complex aspects that traditional banks could not overcome which Fiduciam was able to, even during the lockdown.

Fiduciam bucks Covid-19 trend, lending £9m in Easter week

Thanks to our institutionally backed financing model and the commitment of our funding partners, we are able to keep helping small businesses and entrepreneurs in these difficult times. While many short-term lenders closed their doors, we have lent £9 million in the last week and are on target to close another £10 million of loans by the end of April.